Canadian and American artists get together for Vancouver show


When reality, innermost imaginings, and colour collide, we have art. And when we have 10 artists in one room, each exhibiting different brush strokes, forms of expression and catalystic bursts, we have an extraordinary and exciting “gathering”, which, incidentally, translates to the show’s title: Pagtitipon.

Two years in the making, with each artist carefully vetted and selected, Pagtitipon promises to be a collective expression of different yet concordant voices. In Vancouver artist Esmie Gayo McLaren’s words, “I imagine looking at a gathering of artists conversing about their ideas, opinions, and journeys… sometimes waxing poetic, other times in heated debate.”

The brainchild of prolific artist Lenore RS Lim, it was a realization of her dream of having global Filipino artists who have “divergent contemporary tendencies” in one show.

Pagtitipon’s Jose Trinidad, Edgardo Lantin and Esmie Gayo McLaren are classically predisposed to painterly mimesis. Trinidad is a landscape and portrait artist whose impressionistic paintings exhibit tenderness, a love of sunlight and a vibrant use of colour; Lantin captures on his canvas the essence of human struggles and the beauty of light’s illumination; McLaren’s pieces tell of passion, labour, simplicity, and childish abandon through whirls of skirts and spontaneous play.

Tessie Dichupa, Art Zamora and Danvic Briones deduce aura from physical phenomena into new compositions. Dichupa goes through uncharted paths and is inspired by forms and shapes in nature; Zamora is fascinated with circular abstraction and its underlying themes of radial balance, harmony and oneness; Briones is heavily influenced by surrealism, the subconscious, and Salvador Dali, and derives creative compulsions from the open road and dreams.

Imelda Cajipe Endaya and Bert Monterona purposively use distinct cultural motifs to advocate social causes. Endaya champions woman’s life-giving role – which to her is both a power and an encumbrance; Monterona is a student of social realism, creatively promoting awareness of political events and ecological concerns.

Carlos Esguerra and Lenore RS Lim derive satisfaction from extracting patterns, textures and silhouettes from their surroundings. Esguerra’s photography highlights the beauty of nature through the play of light and shadows; Lim blends the old with the new, change and constant evolution a recurring theme in her life and her works.

Pagtitipon promises to be an exhibition abundant in talent and exceptional in originality and creativity. Presented by the Filipino Music and Art Foundation in B.C., the show will be held at the Roundhouse Community Centre from August 10 to 14, 2015. Artist Imelda Cajipe Endaya curates.

Artists Reception to be held on August 11 from 6:30 to 8:30pm at Roundhouse Community Centre, Vancouver. Philippine Ambassador Petronila P. Garcia will be the guest of honour. To attend, please contact Lenore at or Esmie at


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