Learning the Hard Way: The Pitfalls of Preparing an Immigration Application



Committing a seemingly minor mistake in preparing and completing an immigration application can turn out to be not so minor, but very costly in effort, fees and time.

These may cause temporary or even a permanent stop to one’s immigration plans, in effect, jeopardizing a person’s chance of obtaining a residency status in Canada.

Applications are returned, refused or delayed, caused by an oversight, incomprehension of immigration definition, process and requirements, and intentional or unintentional error. This can be very emotional and stressful for most expecting applicants.

What are the common mistakes to be aware of to avoid the pitfalls when preparing an immigration application?

Here are a few common mistakes committed before one finds out the unfortunate fate of their application, affecting family and personal life plans.

Misinterpreting the immigration terms and definition. Canada Immigration may use terms with a different application of meaning and interpretation from the terms used by other government agencies, organizations, other countries’ immigration terms, and even personal nuances. At times, Canada immigration would also change the definition of terms from time to time depending on program eligibility and current labor market requirements.

One example of a commonly misinterpreted term is “dependents”. For some, a dependent means someone one supports financially regardless of relationship or blood relation. If one supported their parents, this for him means that they are his dependents. If an aunt has been living in an applicant’s house for the longest period of time, his aunt for him means that she is his dependent. And so applicants tend to declare and expect that these kinds of relationships are defined as dependents for immigration purposes. They are not eligible dependents.

Canada Immigration may use terms with a different application of meaning and interpretation from the terms used by other government agencies, organizations, other countries’ immigration terms, and even personal nuances.

Another common mistake that is detrimental to ones future application in Canada would be children that are in the custody of a previous spouse or partner. It is a mistake to exclude these children from their application. The consequence – they can no longer sponsor their children in the future should their circumstances change, separating them permanently. It can also be grounds for misrepresentation if one did not fully disclose these family members, barring the applicant to apply for immigration for 5 years.

A serious mistake one can ever do to send his own application to its demise is submitting false or altered information and documents and lying at an interview with an immigration officer. When dealing with Canada immigration, this is considered as a serious crime. Your application will be refused and could have a permanent record of fraud, a 5-year ban, have your permanent residence or citizenship taken away, criminal charges and removal from Canada.

Providing incomplete information, documents and fees causes lengthy delays in the processing of an application, or even the return of the application. If you are trying to meet a deadline such as maximum points for your age, avoiding future change in immigration program eligibility or timeframe given to submit an additional requirement, incomplete information and documents will be the definite cause of application refusal or return if not yet in process.

So what must one do to avoid delays and refusals in processing your application?

  • Carefully read the application guide and instructions;
  • Completely and properly fill out, sign and date the application forms;
  • Include all the required documents as indicated on the application checklist;
  • Pay the right fee with the correct method of payment;
  • Double-check your application before submitting it.

To reduce or eliminate the risk of mistakes that will save time and disappointment, you may choose to hire a credible Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant or an Immigration lawyer who can assist you throughout the preparation and process of your application. You will be able to clarify your personal circumstances, seek advice, receive counsel, consultation, and representation before immigration officers. You not have to second guess if you have provided the correct, sufficient information and documents.


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