Featured Association: The Filipino Association in British Columbia (FABC)


By Carl J. Pradas, President of FABC

This is the 58th year of FABC’s existence in Vancouver, British Columbia.

In 1957, FABC was founded by 21 families in Vancouver with some participation by the Philippines consular officers and staff. Five years later in 1962, the first newly elected officers were inducted and registered with B.C. registrar of companies.

In January of 1994, FABC earned a distinction and prestigious status as, “MOTHER ASSOCIATION, recognized and proclaimed by then, the Premier of British Columbia, Honourable Michael Harcourt.

FABC is governed by the Society Act of British Columbia. A constitutional committee were convened to draft the FABC Constitution and By-Laws, the basis for the promulgation of Rules and Regulations in the conduct of day to day business of the association.

FABC is a non-profit organization that plays an important role in the community. The main goal of the association is to provide strong and unified voice for Filipinos and Filipino Canadians in British Columbia. Also to promote camaraderie in the Filipino community. The realization of these goals will pave the way to pursue other objectives of the association such as supporting or building a Filipino community center.

As the Filipinos and Filipino Canadians population grew in numbers, some form other groups and later, to an organizations or associations. FABC had suffered several failures in realization of its goals and aspirations. However, it did not deter it to move on and continue to struggle to achieve its goals.

The different Filipino organizations were classified under various categories, such as by region of origin, age, and by interest groups.

FABC membership is general and non-exclusive and non-territorial. It does not discriminate as to faith, origin, sex, age, scholastic achievement, career or interest. Dedication and loyalty, the inherent qualities possessed by Filipinos and Filipino Canadians created a history and show a strong leadership in the community.

“Mabuhay at Magkakaisa Tayong Lahat”

Board of Officers (2013 – 2015)

  • President – Carl J. Pradas
  • Vice President – Juliet Andalis
  • Secretary – Gina Barqueros
  • Treasurer – Rayda Jalandoon

Directors: Kerr Tomayao, Ester Viaje, Felipa Garcia, Rudy Antonio, Mike Calingo

On November 28, 2015, FABC election of new officers will take place during the annual general meeting at the Kensington Community Centre.  FABC is also accepting new members. There’s a membership fee of $5. Be a member on or before November 13 to be able to vote at the upcoming election.

For more information, please contact:

Carl J. Pradas
Tel: 604-251-5097
Email: carlpradas@yahoo.ca

Gina Barqueros
Tel:  604-625-6214
Email: firefly_barqueros@hotmail.ca


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