Break a rule if it will save a life


Family offers possible match to save a 6 year old boy from an aggressive form of acute myeloid leukemia but Canada Blood Services turns it down because donor is a couple of months short of 17 years old.

“I heard this story on CKNW. I’m Norwegian, Scottish, English and Native American and my wife is Filipino. That makes our daughter a pretty good candidate. I called Canadian Blood Services today and talked about this. They said my daughter would have to be 17 years old to register and be tested. I said Joshua may not live that long.” says Steve Marshall.  She told Marshall “sorry that is the rules”. Marshall said “so what, we just let the kid die because of a rule?” She said sorry. Marshall added, “I say let’s test our daughter and if she is a match this rule must be broken immediately. If not, I want the government official that says no to tell that to the parents.”

A Metro Vancouver mother is pleading for someone to come forward from the Filipino Community that may be a match to save her son.  6-year-old Joshua was diagnosed with an aggressive form of acute myeloid leukemia two weeks ago and he is fighting for his life.

The mother is Filipino and father English/Icelandic/Caribbean.  Anyone with a similar background can get tested at Canadian Blood Services to see if they are a match.


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