The North is getting stronger


Who would have thought I would be watching a winning Raptor’s buzzer beater against LeBron James and Cleveland?   This even happened with DeMar DeRozan as sick as a dog so Kyle Lowry took over the game with a career-high 43 points.

The top 4 teams in the NBA EAST are Cavaliers 41-17, Raptors 39-19 and WEST Warriors 53-5, Spurs 50-9.  The Raptors so far this season have their highest Win/Loss ratio (.672%) since they started in 1995.   

Basketball is my favorite sport and I like nothing better than to see someone grow in the sport. I have a special spot for 6 ft. 9 in Bismack Biyombo. We met him when we interviewed him at the Raptors practice the day before they played against the Clippers at Rogers Arena. He is a monster, chiseled with a huge smile and he can jump out of the building.   

Biyombo, 23, was born in Lubumbashi, Zaire and had a very slow start in the NBA. He was drafted 7th overall by the Sacramento Kings in 2011 then traded to the Charlotte Bobcats.

Biyombo’s numbers were low and dropped in the 2013-2014 season to such a low level that the Bobcats traded him to the Toronto Raptors. He started to come to life after joining the Raptors in 2015. He is a monster on rebounds and blocks.

Biyombo finally started in 18 games while fellow center Jonas Valanciunas recovered from a fractured hand. This gave him a great opportunity and a new level of confidence which has helped the Raptors out in a big way.

Sometimes when a player gets put on the spot they excel. Biyombo did excel and looks like a different player. Let’s see how far Biyombo and the Raptors can make it in the playoffs!


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Steve Marshall

Steve Marshall was born and raised in Prince Rupert, BC. He is an entrepreneur; having started as an owner of a small arcade in Masset, BC. He has owned a bowling alley and a Chinese restaurant. He’s the proud owner of a pub & grill, liquor store, taxi, and an entertainment booking company. Steve is also a Red Seal Mechanic, producer, inventor of the Computer Hammer, and now a publisher of a newspaper. Back in the day when Steve had long hair and wore bell bottom jeans he used to race cars, fly airplanes, gliders, helicopters. He’s proud to say that he still plays drums like he told his mom he would.

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