Three Asian Canadian artists present their signature watercolour styles in celebration of Canada’s Asian Heritage Month


Reception: May 7, 2016 (Saturday), 2 – 4pm
Exhibition: May 2 – 31, 2016
Venue: Jeunesse Gallery of Fine Arts, 2668 West 4th Ave., Vancouver, BC, V6K 1P7

Vancouver, BC – 07 May 2016. The three artists are first-generation immigrants from different Asian countries. They are connected by their interest in art and their determination to succeed.  Their styles meld traditional Japanese, Chinese, and western style watercolours with contemporary sensibilities.   Krassi Stamenov, owner of Jeunesse Gallery of Fine Arts, greatly supports them by presenting their works.  The Gallery is located at 2668 West 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V6K 1P7.  Artists’ reception is from 2pm-4pm on 07 May, 2016.

Ribbon cutting. Photos by Grace LCuenca

Ribbon cutting. Photos by Grace LCuenca

In 2002, Canada federal government officially announced the month of May as Asian Heritage Month. Each year across the nation, Asians would celebrate and introduce their cultural history and activities with others. This year, Angela, Etsu, and Esmie will present their watercolour artworks to showcase the influence between their countries of origin and Canada.

Photo by Grace LCuenca.

Photo by Grace LCuenca.

Angela immigrated from Hong Kong and has been participating in Chinese painting, calligraphy and seal engraving for 18 years. She first started studying art in Hong Kong and continues after immigrating to Vancouver. Over the last few years, she has been exploring the possibility of integrating traditional Chinese painting techniques into painting western landscapes. Her passion in painting increases over time.

Etsu was born and raised in Fukuoka, Japan and currently lives in Canada. She began studying traditional Japanese monochrome brushwork at age of eight. Her direction of creation is to empower people and heal people’s hearts by using natural material and expressing natural beauty.  Her appreciation for nature is the life theme of her art. Etsu combines traditional with contemporary art by adding color to the monochrome style, thus creating her own paintings style.

Esmie is from the Philippines and grew up in Canada.  Her paintings share her appreciation for the world around her.  Her first brush with western style watercolours was in the Philippines with her grandfather painting birds on paper.  Her interest was renewed in Canada and continues to play and experiment with what she considers an adventurous medium.  Her works in “Asian Waters” exhibition are watercolours on canvas, depicting dancers. She is very passionate in painting dancers because as they move in space to express their pieces, they reveal an essence of themselves.


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