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To all our readers and supporters!

With heavy hearts, we would like to inform everyone that effective immediately, we will be focusing on MetroVan Independent News online website for fast and instant news and will be ceasing the print form of production at this time, possibly temporarily.

As many of you know, we have been on the road for over 6 weeks now with our Canada-wide tour “Hope Beyond Thunderdome – A Canadian Veteran PTSD Awareness Tour 2016,” from Vancouver, BC to St. John’s, Newfoundland. From March to July, we are traveling across Canada raising this important awareness that has affected so many lives and raising funds that goes directly to any program that deals with PTSD issues. We are thrilled to inform you that our shows have been successful with sold out shows, rave reviews, and standing ovations and that as of May 6, we have raised $19,818.50 (estimated until final totals handed in by Legions) Please check our FB tour page for updates CLICK HERE.

Since we started this tour, there have also been various other projects that came up and career decisions being put on hold because of our hectic schedule, not to forget our tour in Malaysia with 3 big shows at the end of July after the PTSD Awareness Tour. We are also soon launching an app called that we hope will help people worldwide if ever they are under dire circumstances.

It is well-known that our newspaper is an advocacy to serve the community and we will continue on with our online news which is reaching far more people across Canada and the world. Our team is the best team a local Filipino newspaper could ever have and we are proud of what we have accomplished for only 13 issues which mattered most in the community. The newspaper garnered a lot of respect, avid readers and overwhelming support from the community. We assure you that our mission to serve the community continues online.

The news online will give us better opportunities to collaborate and work with other key Canadian cities and the Philippines and, therefore, will be a much bigger effective tool to send important information in just one click instead of waiting for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deadlines. This will give us so much more freedom.

We would like to extend our utmost gratitude to all our advertisers for believing in us since the beginning and to all our loyal supporters who have taken the time and effort to help us in every way they could. To our readers who would even go out of their way to let us know that there were no more newspapers in some venues. To all the distribution outlets, stores, and businesses that carried MetroVan Independent News with pride. To all the inspirational writers, reporters, contributors and photographers who have generously given their time, trust and support. Thank you!

We are continuing our journey online for better service, fast reach and wider readership. So we are once again forever grateful for your support for the MetroVan Independent News-Online.

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Thanks again to everyone for your continued support!



Steve and Luisa Marshall




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