Nissan Women’s Team: New Volleyball Champion!


Vancouver, August 28, 2016 — Congratulations to the Nissan Women’s Team! Nissan Women’s Team won all the rounds in the elimination games against six other competing women’s volleyball teams and proudly emerged as this year’s Champion of the Fifth Annual Volleyball Tournament at Slocan Park.

"We are Number One!" Nissan women's team - 2016 Migrante BC Volleyball Champion

“We are Number One!” Nissan women’s team – 2016 Migrante BC Volleyball Champion

First Place went to Phil BC-Jousters and the Second Place went to Kick My A’s. Each player in the winning teams got the Migrante BC volleyball medal and the certificate of participation from special guest Mable Elmore, MLA of Vancouver-Kensington.

Left: Phil BC-Jousters - First Place. Right: Westcoast Kick My A's Team - Second Place.

Left: Phil BC-Jousters – First Place. Right: Westcoast Kick My A’s Team – Second Place.

The other participating women’s teams were WestCoast Thunder, WestCoast Power Storm, WestCoast Warriors, and Migrante BC.

Men's First place - Cool Raiders men's team.

Men’s First place – Cool Raiders men’s team.

In the men’s volleyball, the Nissan Boys won the Championship with the Men’s Cool Raiders coming in First Place.

Men's Volleyball Champion - Nissan Boys

Men’s Volleyball Champion – Nissan Boys

Migrante BC thanks its volunteer referees, scorers and linepersons, as well as all the participating teams and their supporters.

The volleyball tournament was played in friendly competition with many of the players having competed in the past years in the annual Migrante BC’s volleyball tournament since 2012.

Aileen Villeta of the Migrante BC Volleyball Team said, “This is a good event to mark the end of the summer. We took a short break to let the rain pass and while it was “sweater weather,” everybody, including the children, had a good time. “

The Volleyball Tournament is organized by the Migrante BC Sports and Recreation Committee and Migrante volunteers and families.

Participating team: Migrante BC Team

Participating team: Migrante BC Team


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