Yang Wu: Flower Statement Series

Yang Wu: Flower Statement Series
June 13 – August 28, 2017
The Flower Statement Series is a compilation of works created by Yang Wu over the past ten years she has lived in Richmond and express her experiences with the natural and social environment as an immigrant.
Wu’s decades-long career as fabric and fashion designer has led her to the path of a painter and multimedia artist. Her passion for fabrics and materials, especially the repetitive nature of patterns, has been the source of her inspiration. Wu says, “To me, colour, texture and details are the keys to good design.”
The mood of the paintings in the Flower Statement Series came from the tranquility and beauty she experiences in nature. Since immigrating to Canada in 2006 she fell in love with the landscape and liveliness of Richmond and Vancouver. In addition to the land, her attention was drawn to the rocks and riverbanks, as they appear to have so much character. As a fabric and fashion designer she references textiles designs, lace and colour schemes, which envelope and cover the rocks she paints.
Yang Wu was born in Beijing and earned a Master’s degree, from the Central Academy of Art and Design and remained at the university as a professor.  In 1991, she moved abroad to England to study fashion design. With her studies, Wu also worked as a designer for various companies and took up a part-time job as a journalist.
In 1996, she returned to China and opened her own fashion brand.  She later entered the Art Academy of Ren-Min University and resumed her profession of a teacher once again.
At the same time, Wu worked on publishing a series of picture books which introduced traditional Chinese stories and architecture to English-speaking audiences.
She immigrated to Vancouver in 2006, where she began to paint in oil. She has since participated in many art exhibitions, concurrently winning awards in numerous art competitions.
The exhibition is on view during regular business hours at Richmond City Hall located at 6911 No. 3 Road until August 28, 2017.
Exhibitions at City Hall are organized by the Richmond Art Gallery.
Richmond Art Gallery
7700 Minoru Gate
Richmond, BC V6Y 1R9

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