WOW To Launch Best-Selling Book Authored by 15 Influential Women


Women’s empowerment organization Woman Of Worth (WOW Worldwide) is hosting a free event to launch their bestselling book in the private Dragon Lounge at Elements Casino on September 16, 20172-4:30pm. Far from a typical book launch, the event will feature a dynamic panel discussion with the authors, an interactive fashion show featuring women of all sizes, African dance, and Luisa Marshall’s Tina Turner tribute as seen on The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Ellen Degeneres Show.

“It’s going to be more of a celebration than anything else, and the chocolate will be flowing,” says Christine Awram, WOW Founder and contributing author. “We’re demonstrating what happens when women come together to collaborate and empower one another.”

If the event promises to be somewhat outside the box, that’s because WOW Woman Of Worth is an equally unique book. This non-fiction book, published by Influence Publishing, is the collaborative effort of 15 authors, all of whom are influential British Columbian women.

Judging from the pre-launch buzz on social media, there is a voracious appetite in the market for its content. Based on the presale numbers, it will easily reach #1 bestseller status in its category on Amazon come launch day.

“The book is based on the premise that successful women are rarely born that way,” explains Awram. “Almost every woman CEO, entrepreneur or leader I’ve known has a painful past or experienced significant challenges. We’re living examples that empowered women empower women. This book has given 15 women a platform for sharing their stories and, in doing so, showing other women the way forward.  You are not alone, and together we’re stronger.”

All proceeds from book sales at the event will be donated to Women Of Value, a non-profit organization supporting female victims of exploitation, violence, and domestic and international human trafficking.

Tickets to this free event in the private Dragon Lounge at Elements Casino (17755 60th Avenue, Surrey) can be found at:

Awram reminds everyone that “pre-registration is a must – there’s no charge but it’s already filling up fast and will reach capacity this week.”

For more information, visit

About Woman Of Worth WOW Worldwide

Woman Of Worth is a leadership development organization that hosts special events for women. WOW provides powerful training opportunities that blend personal and professional development.  They host world-class speakers and entertainment, and the highly-esteemed annual Tammy Moyer Woman Of Worth Awards.  WOW provides opportunities for female leaders to connect with and empower one another.


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